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I’m sure many of the people who follow me on here also follow skcentral. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. In addition to being a super nice man, he’s also a great father raising two small kids all by himself. His daughter is in the Girl Scouts and sold cookies and someone stole…

This is why thedeathmerchant, truecrimeguru, and truecrimehothouse are three of my most favorite people.

"Why did you take down the pictures of Kip without his shirt on, the one with him and elmo, and the bbq one? Did you trade for those or did Kip send them to you himself? When you trade, what sorts of things do you trade? (I know, many questions in one. I can't help that you're interesting!)"

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A friend of mine had sent them to me, and asked me to take them down, so I did. She no longer wrote Kip, but had told him she wouldn’t post them online, she didn’t mind me sharing a few other things so I shared those too…wasn’t a big deal…but i didn’t know it was gonna get reblogged 500 times either lol

"Do you still have your "original" first reply from Ramirez?"

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Unfortunately I do not. Wish I did.

"At what age did you start writing to inmates?"

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I wrote Manson when I was 15, but didn’t get a reply. I wrote Ramirez when I was 17 and he was the first to reply.

"Why do you write killers? Do you enjoy it?"

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When I was a young lad I decided to spend the next 20 something years writing killers as a punishment on myself. I hate it, I wish I’d never chose to do this, but I must be punished, so I keep doing it. I hate it, that’s why I do it.

"Thanks to some fabulous forewarning that Curtis Allgier, Jeremy Jones and Bobby long are the worst to write, coming from a lovely lady's pov, you as a guy, would you agree? If so, why? Or are they only that way to women who write? I'd love to hear a man perspective! Thanks!"

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I was being sarcastic with my reply of Bobby Long earlier. He is by far one of the worst I’ve wrote. I was sad that FL stopped using the electric chair knowing he wouldn’t get to sit in it.

"Why was Richard Ramirez a boring inmate to write to ?"

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He got so much mail he didn’t have to be interesting. Back before writing serial killers was so well known not as many people wrote him and he’d write a decent letter…but once hundreds of random girls write he didn’t care what he said he would just ask for shit…if he didn’t get it, he had someone else that he’d ask…

"Christa Pike, any luck writing? I tried a few times but guess because I'm a girl she ain't having it. What's she like?"

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I don’t know if I ever wrote her actually. If I did, she never wrote back. I know several people she’s written to though. She seems to fall in love pretty easy. But I don’t know anything about her really.

"What do your loved ones think about the fact that you write killers?"

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They thought it was strange at first, but they’re used to it now. The only time it’s mentioned is when there’s a big case in the news and they ask if I’ve heard about it.

"Have you written to Kenneth Bianchi or his cousin?"

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I’ve wrote to both of them, but Buono was the only one to reply. I got two or three letters and an xmas card from him before he passed away.