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I hope TJ lane gets shot in the face. And survives.

"Do you know the reason Richard and Doreen Split up?"

Asked by Anonymous

I was told she left him after his DNA matched on a little girl that had been raped. She believed his innocence until then. Or maybe she just came to her senses.

"What type of penpal was Richard Ramirez ?"

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The worst. Boring, asked the same questions every letter, never answered questions you asked him. Just all around total let down.

"have you written to Dennis Nilsen ? Did he respond ?"

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I did, he didn’t. I’ve seen other people get replies from him though, so he does respond to some people…just not me.

"have you written to ed Kemper? did he respond? If so, what did he say?"

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Yes , I’ve written him. No, he didn’t reply. I know very few people that have corresponded with him, and none of them were recent.

A couple pix of Ed Gein I hadn’t seen before.

"aare you on serial killer culture?? which one are you?"

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I’m the one who runs serial killer central

"Hey I know someone asked you this before and I was also wondering if you could send me Danny Rolling's song "It's a Gray Way"? Also if you know where to find more if there is, like the mystery rider one which I know is on youtube. Thanks, I'd really appreciate it!"

Asked by zeneles

I’ve got them all, but unfortunately, my website is kinda suspended, so I can’t access them at the moment.

"I've always had a fascination with artifacts and artwork from this genre. Happy to find you on here, just watched a documentary that you were a guest on."

Asked by lamentoftrois

What’d you think of the documentary?

"You and your blog are so fascinating. I was really interested in serial killers when i was younger and i guess it was kinda suppressed due to everyone around me was skeptical about it and i stumbled on your blog today and i just love it"

Asked by best-intentions

Thanks! Random, i know, but I used to have a dog named Queenie.